Frost Damaged Plants…

February 14, 2011

With all the frost damage plants that Tucson was left with a few weeks ago, everybody is wondering what to do with them, how soon can they cut them back and how far? So Arcadia Landscape decided to give our crew members a refresher course on correct procedures to cutting back frost damage and when to start the pruning process. So before you take out your pruners and start chopping  away, we thought we would share a little bit of  information to help guide you.

The general rule is to wait until growing season starts, about late March to early April, and cut everything off to the new growth.  Some plants will need to be cut back to the ground. For plants that are normally cut back, such as the Red Bird of Paradise and Lantana, they can be cut back now. Obviously, dead or dying cacti that are rotting and smell can be cut back or removed.  Prickly Pear cacti pads that have fallen to the ground can be picked up and removed.

If you grow impatient and cannot take the looks of heavy frost damaged and cut it back too early, you run the risk of further damaging the plant or killing it completely if we have additional frost.  So fight the urge to go crazy with the pruners and don’t put away the frost cloth just yet…we could still have freezing temperatures until late March.

Here is a link we shared last week that we felt would be worth re-posting. If you have, concerns or doubts, give us a call and we would be happy to help direct you into the right direction.

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