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Arcadia Landscape has proudly served the Tucson community and surrounding areas for over 41 years. Our team has been designing, installing, and maintaining commercial landscapes during much of this time.

We service different property types such as apartment complexes, office parks, shopping centers, and government buildings.

The goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied by showcasing your business with beautiful landscapes. We also understand that your goal is to encourage people to come and continue to return, so we offer ongoing maintenance services.

We assist with landscape design and maintenance and are committed to giving you a space with a functional purpose that is aesthetically pleasing.

We can take any design or idea and bring it to life for your company. No matter the scale of the project, Arcadia Landscape will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Do you want to put turf in the courtyard for low-maintenance grass?

Do you want to add a fountain and benches in the office plaza?

Whether you’re looking for a small or large landscape installation, we can provide our services to any commercial property owner in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

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Of course the most important step before your landscape installation is advanced planning so if you need help with your landscape design Arcadia Landscape can do that too.
It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch or renovating an existing landscape, we can prepare a design to meet your every need and install it for you. View our portfolio to see some of our landscape installation projects or contact us to start turning your landscape ideas into reality.

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