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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Arcadia Landscape is a commercial landscaping company that provides maintenance and installation to businesses around Tucson.

We aim to provide high-value services and affordable rates with apartments, restaurants, and other commercial locations. We understand that landscaping can be a considerable expense, and we strive to keep our prices low to allow you to grow your business while staying within budget.

Arcadia Landscape is a full-service Tucson commercial landscaping company that provides commercial landscape maintenance for southern Arizona office buildings, apartment complexes, municipal buildings, and multi-family residences.

We understand the need to outsource outdoor property care, so you and your employees can focus on your clients and more pressing matters. However, the outdoors is our workspace, and we take pride in keeping everything looking as fresh and new as when we initially installed it all.

Our goal is to provide quality routine care and consistent, reliable, value-based service. The list of our abilities includes urgent services such as an irrigation leak or a broken/fallen tree.

We can schedule regular weekly, bi-monthly or monthly landscape maintenance programs and seasonal landscaping services, or one-time landscape clean-up services.

Whether you are looking for a design, installation, or maintenance Arcadia Landscape can proficiently handle all your commercial landscaping needs.

Commercial Landscape Installation

Arcadia Landscape provides residential landscape maintenance for homes in Tucson and surrounding Southern Arizona areas.
When your commercial property needs upkeep, don’t burden yourself and your employees. Instead, bring our experienced and professional team.

Whether you need lawn care, weed control, tree maintenance, plant care, disease control, or general landscape enhancements, our friendly, professional landscape crew will handle every aspect of your landscape maintenance.

We can schedule regular weekly, bi-monthly or monthly landscape maintenance programs and seasonal landscape care or one-time landscape clean-up services.
Our job is to make your life easier by keeping your property looking great and ensuring that your clients are as happy with it as you are.

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It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch or renovating an existing landscape; we can prepare a design to meet your every need and install it for you.
We stand by the work that we do and ensure that you see the value of our maintenance services. For 38 years and counting, our Arcadia Landscape team has been building relationships with companies in the community to make Tucson look and function the best that it can.

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