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Curb Appeal – Part One

This blog post begins a series of weekly blogs from guest blogger Kathryn Prideaux – thank you, Kathryn!

We are always trying to find new and simple ways to update the look of a home without breaking the bank. We thought we would share a few tricks of the trade for increasing the curb appeal of your home. Sometimes a simple change can really give your home a fresh look to come home to….a place where you are proud to pull into the driveway and call your own!

One great opportunity to show your personality and reflect the style of you and your home is with your house numbers. We are partial to modern, clean design but only if that works for your home. Check out these great address numbers…and get inspired for some change!

One of our favorite resources is a company called Modern House Numbers. Consider removing your tired old ceramic tile house numbers….and replace them with these clean, simple, modern pieces. www.modernhousenumbers.com. This company is local! It is owned by a husband-wife team of architects in Tucson. So, not only are you giving your home a cool new edgy look, you are supporting a small local business. They also create mailbox and curb stencils.