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The design of an outdoor space can often be the most critical piece of the puzzle. Homeowners may have a general idea of their desires for the space, but can get lost as to how to start the process. Arcadia Landscape can provide a detailed landscape plan for your commercial or residential property in Tucson and surrounding southern Arizona areas.

Why do you need a landscape design?

A comprehensive landscape design serves many functions. It serves as the communication tool that will help the client visualize the space that they have been dreaming of. It will also define the scope of the project in detail, allowing our installation team to create a complete and accurate construction bid.

We believe that it does not cost to hire a good landscape designer—it pays. Our designers are trained and qualified in the principles of garden design and hardscape solutions. Hiring the right landscape designer can often help a homeowner avoid possible costly errors due to lack of foresight. Our designers are skilled practitioners of fundamental design concepts—proportion, unity, balance, perspective, color, texture—that can bring about a fully integrated design. They have a comprehensive knowledge of plants so that you get the right plant that grows to the right size for the right place in your garden. This can sometimes be difficult for homeowners who are not familiar with the unique plant palette of the Sonoran Desert. Our designers are also distinctly aware of our natural environment and promote sustainable practices.

Let’s Get Started

Our landscape designers are inspired by the creative process, by great design, and most of all, by our clients’ needs, wants and dreams. Contact us to schedule your complimentary visit with a designer! At this visit, your landscape designer will gather all of the information needed to prepare a bid for you to create a landscape design package.


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