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Olive Juice Doesn’t Always Look Like I Love You…

For all of us who remember the movie “The Other Sister” with Juliet Lewis, we can’t forget the scene where they mouth “olive juice’ to each other and it looks like I love you. It was such a cute scene, however, when it comes to actual olive juice spewing out from the fruit that dropped off the tree, we definitely do NOT feel love or find it so cute. It gets all over the sidewalk, it stains the concrete red, the droppings are all over your yard and inevitably somebody steps on one or in the juice and they drag it into your home and onto your floor. So, no, many of us do not love olive juice.

Well guess what my friends, it is now the time of year to prevent that terrible scenario from becoming your reality.  The ideal time to spray olive trees and help minimize the flowering and fruiting of the trees is to spray them from early February to the end of March. Olive trees which are not treated produce an abundance of olives. This fruit is high in oil content and has a staining pigment. As the fruit ripens and drops to the ground it can create a horrible mess in yards and walkways, which can then be tracked indoors or in vehicles, ruining carpets and other surfaces.  In addition, there are many people who are allergic to the pollen these trees produce each Spring. To minimize these problems, many choose to spray their Olive trees with growth regulator that helps reduce both the pollen and fruit production of theses trees. It usually only requires one application annually, reducing the inconvenience and exposure.

So what should you do to and who should you call to have your tree’s sprayed?  You should call a qualified specialist to spray your trees. In order to apply a growth regulator,  Arizona law requires that Arizona Olive tree spraying applicators be tested and licensed. So prior to hiring a landscape company to spray your olive trees, makes sure that their applicators are licensed in Arizona, highly trained and experienced.

Remember there is no 100% guarantee control, however, when spraying is done at the right time, it does significantly help reduce the fruit and pollen from Olive trees.