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Commercial Landscaping in Tucson Since 1983

Landscaping Services From Design to Completion


Professional commercial property construction services focus on functional and visually appealing outdoor spaces that enhance the property’s value and appeal to businesses and customers alike.


Routine maintenance services ensure commercial landscapes remain pristine, reflecting a professional image through manicured lawns, trimmed hedges, and vibrant flower beds.


Implementing efficient irrigation systems ensures optimal water distribution for commercial properties, promoting healthy plant growth while minimizing water waste and operational costs.

Tree Care

Tree care services include professional pruning, disease management, and safe removal when necessary, maintaining the health and aesthetics of the property’s natural arboreal assets.

Weed Control

With Arcadia Landscape’s weed control solutions, commercial properties can maintain clean, inviting outdoor spaces free of unsightly and harmful weeds, using eco-friendly practices.

Landscape Design

Arcadia Landscape professional design services enhance your outdoor space with thoughtful plant selection, hardscaping, and features like water elements and lighting.