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Weed Control in Tucson

Managing weeds effectively is integral to landscape maintenance, ensuring aesthetic appeal and ecological health. At Arcadia Landscape in Tucson, we employ a effective approach to weed control that combines innovative techniques with time-tested strategies.

It is a common misconception that pre-emergents are used to “kill” weed seeds. That idea is false and is one of the primary reasons weeds can return year in and year out. If a seed does not germinate that year, it can sit and wait for the next year or the year after. Only at germination does the herbicide take effect on the weed. Herbicides work in one of two ways. They either prevent the weed from growing a root or a chute. If the weed cannot grow one or the other, it cannot live. Pre-emergent is the only effective measure to prevent weeds from growing. After application, herbicides require incorporation or watering for the best results. This process moves the chemicals off the surface and into the soil, where the seeds stay. Rain is the easiest way to achieve this, but watering manually may be needed in Southern Arizona.

Post-Emergent Solutions

A post-emergent is a herbicide applied to existing weeds that have already “emerged” from the ground. There are two main types of post-emergent herbicides: systemic and contact. Systemic herbicides are generally used on perennial pests and translocate through the plant, killing the weed at the root. The translocation process can take a little longer, and often, you won’t see results for a couple of days, with full destruction of the plant taking up to fourteen days. Contact herbicides desiccate the areas of the plant with which it comes in contact. These herbicides are very effective on annual pests, and results can typically be observed within 24 hours in low humidity conditions.

Is the herbicide safe for my other plants and trees?

The answer is yes, but that is also why selecting licensed companies with experienced, certified applicators is essential. Adverse effects can occur to existing desirable vegetation in different ways. Using the wrong herbicide in an area or the wrong amount for a particular area are the most common ways to impact a landscape negatively. However, with proper use and selection of herbicides, your existing plants will see minimal or no effects from a weed treatment.

Why does my yard/property have a different color, and will it disappear?

Coloration comes from a couple of factors. The color you see on the ground is often the same as when it came out of the jug. Depending on the herbicide, the coloration can take anywhere from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks to dissipate. We understand some of you may be averse to the color, but that is how many come from the manufacturers. The most common colors are yellow, green, or orange. Other times, we use colorless chemicals (depending on the weed type). With those chemicals, we must add color to see where we have been and ensure we’ve completed the job correctly. When dye is required, you will notice a blue/green color. The dyes are photodegradable (broken down by the sun) inert chemicals that usually break down in a few days.

Is it safe for my pets?

We are a dog-loving family ourselves! The herbicide label is the law, and we always follow the manufacturer’s rates and instructions for mixing and application. In forty years, we are unaware of having negatively impacted a four-legged family member. That does not mean it is impossible. There is a chance of allergies and things of that nature with pets regarding all chemicals. The rating system is ascending Caution, Warning, and Danger. With the variety of herbicide products available, we see no need in our residential treatments to use anything above Caution. In many cases, the products most of us keep under the sink or in the garage are more dangerous than the herbicides we use.

Why do I still get weeds?

We use several pre-emergents to offer as broad a spectrum of weed control as we can. Most companies won’t tell you there is no silver bullet. No product is available to control all kinds of weeds in Arizona. There are lots of other factors as well: Ph levels in the soil, length of time before the chemical gets incorporated (watered in), the application could have been applied too long after the weeds germinated to affect them, or maybe that weed was just so small we plain missed it. We would love to achieve 100% control, but it isn’t possible. We are working with 75 years of science to combat thousands of weed species and millions of years of evolution. This is why we offer a six-month guarantee, and if we need to respray, we respray. In most cases, with incorporation, customers typically get 8-12 months of control. We want to reach 99.999% control in the second year of treatment.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Arcadia Landscape adopts an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that combines physical, biological, and chemical tools to minimize risks to health and the environment. This method involves regular monitoring for weed pressures and only applying herbicides when necessary. It is a dynamic approach that adjusts to the specific conditions of each landscape, ensuring effective long-term weed control.

Effective Weed Control with Arcadia Landscape

Effective weed control is a critical component of landscape management that requires a well-rounded approach tailored to the local environment. At Arcadia Landscape in Tucson, we provide top-notch weed management services that combine advanced technology, best practices in IPM, and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. Our integrated strategy ensures that landscapes not only thrive but also contribute to the area’s ecological health.

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